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  • Joel Funderburg

Tools of the Trade

Before this last Christmas, I could not understand why, in this digital era, authors still wrote by hand. It just didn't make any sense. Why, with all the digital tools available, writers still resorted to pen and paper, which is more expensive, wasteful, and time consuming was beyond my understanding.

That's not to say I was totally against the idea (I do have a little pocket Molskine that I carry around should the creative mood strike me), but I never thought I would ever find myself writing out a story by hand only to then translate it into a computer. Seemed like double duty.

Then I got this fountain pen as a Christmas present:

Got to say, I love it. It's so well balanced and heavy in my hand, that I can feel the weight of the words pouring out of it. With a newly purchased 11"x9" notepad, I found myself writing page after page, finding that the manual translation process from the page to processor a kind of mini-revision process.

Now, I see the appeal.

On top of it all, it just looks so damn cool. Makes me feel like a writer.

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