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  • Joel Funderburg

Revising in Scrivener

I've been doing a lot of revising on my supernatural horror LECHUZA, but have been struggling with figuring out the perfect workflow (for me) using Scrivener. After many hundreds of hours, I hit on something new.

In Scrivener 3 for Mac, there is the Revisions Mode functionality, and each revision is displayed in a different color.

This was a great discovery, until I was ready to compile my manuscript. I diligently went through ever scene and removed all the revisions (didn't want those colors printing out). Fool that I was,I overlooked a critical toggle in the Compile section that auto removes the markings without removing the revision.

Now, I can keep track of all the revisions, which I think will be very encouraging morally, since I can see how the manuscript grows overtime. And it's more colorful, which is fun.

I've also changed the Status of my project to First Draft, Red Revisions, Blue Revisions, etc. just for funsies.

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